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29 05 2020Excess supplies and administrative resources allowed the United States to dictate its rules on the oil market by 2020 (buy our oil) However the coronavirus nullified that ambition This explains why the Donald Trump administration is so outraged by the Wuhan flu - the Americans even ventured to announce a grant in order to prove that the Russians are underestimating their COVID-19 victims

Oil Shale Extraction

Oil shale must be mined using either underground- or surface-mining methods After excavation the oil shale must undergo retorting This is when the mined rock is exposed to the process of pyrolysis — applying extreme heat without the presence of oxygen to a substance and producing a chemical change

The breakeven price—the price of oil needed to profitably drill a new well—is of great interest because it provides information on how activity in the oil sector might adjust if oil prices move dramatically Its relevance has only grown over the past decade with the emergence of shale oil in the United States Shale has a shorter lead time between drilling and production relative to

The Green River Utah holds the world's greatest oil shale resources However the hydrocarbon which is namely kerogen extraction from shales is limited due to environmental and technical challenges In this study we investigated the effectiveness of the combustion process for shale oil extraction

HOUSTON US shale producer Pioneer Natural Resources expects oil prices to recover to at least $45 per barrel this year its chief executive said on Thursday Producers slashed output and energy companies cut tens of thousands of jobs as plummeting demand for fuels and a global supply glut sent prices below $20 a barrel last month At that level few US shale producers would be able to cover

Oil shale in Jordan

Oil shale deposits in Jordan Oil shale is Jordan's most significant natural resource According to various estimates oil shale deposits underlie more than 60% of the Kingdom's territory totaling approximately 40 – 70 billion tonnes which would make Jordan the 6th richest country in the world in terms of oil shale

Over the past 10 years oil cost curves have moved from being very steep to having a long flat portion between $50 and $60 as the industry has added resources and as costs have declined (Chart 3) In other words shale production means there is a much larger amount of supply that can be called into action given a much smaller price increase than in the past

Oil production it seems is being overstated industry-wide by 10 percent and 50 percent in the case of some companies according to The Wall Street Journal The CEO of one of the largest players in the industry Continental Resources predicted that growth in shale oil production could fall by 50 percent this year compared to last year

Shale Oil Definition • Sedimentary rock with a high organic content – Organic matter is known as kerogen • Kerogen – MW avg =3000 – Approximate formula C200 H300 SN 5O11 1 1 Feng H Y Rates Of Pyrolysis Of Colorado shale oil p 732 American Institute Of Chemical Engineers Journal

Division of Oil Gas Resources The Division of Oil and Gas Resources Management regulates Ohio's Horizontal Shale Well Drilling in Ohio In the last decade Ohio's natural gas production grew exponentially allowing the state to transition from a natural gas importer to an exporter

Global shale oil production could boost global GDP

Shale oil production has the potential to reach up to 12% of global oil production equivalent to almost 14 million barrels a day This extra supply could push global oil prices down by around 25%-40% in 2035 relative to an EIA baseline projection of $133 per barrel in that year (in real terms)

Eclipse Resources I LP ("Eclipse Resources") announced today that it has acquired The Oxford Oil Company LLC with approximately 184 000 net acres in Ohio and 13 8 Bcfe of proved developed producing reserves The Oxford Oil Company LLC ("Oxford") was subsequently renamed to Eclipse Resources – Ohio LLC and will remain a wholly owned subsidiary of Eclipse Resources

The Jordan Oil Shale Company (JOSCO) a wholly owned Shell subsidiary the Estonia company Eesti Energia (Enefit) and Karak International Oil (Karak) from the UK–based Jordan Energy and Mining Ltd are now moving from the exploration phases of their respective concessions into the production phase of the huge oil shale resources lying in Jordan Jordan is recognized to hold the world fourth

For the best viewing experience watch the above video in hi-definition (HD) and in expanded screen mode Transcript Okay by now you've heard the prior chapters on the Peak Cheap Oil concept and by now many of you are wondering how any of that could be still be true given all the positive recent stories about shale oil and shale gas many of which proclaimed "peak oil is dead"

Technological advances in hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling have led to the exploration and exploitation of shale oil and gas both nationally and internationally Extensive development of shale resources has occurred within the United States over the past decade yet full build out is not expected to occur for years Moreover countries across the globe have large shale resources

Oil shale any sedimentary rock containing various amounts of solid organic material that yields petroleum products along with a variety of solid by-products when subjected to pyrolysis—a treatment that consists of heating the rock to above 300 C (about 575 F) in the absence of oxygen The liquid oil extracted from oil shale once it is upgraded creates a type of synthetic crude oil

Top US shale producer sees oil price recovery continuing

Top US shale producer sees oil price recovery continuing Even when US and global benchmark prices return to $45 a barrel very few US producers would be able to afford to expand production because of high debt levels Scott Sheffield Pioneer's chief executive said in a call with investors Reuters May 08 2020 07 26 IST HOUSTON US shale producer Pioneer Natural Resources expects oil

02 06 2020Shale producers Parsley Energy Inc PE N and EOG Resources Inc EOG N on Tuesday disclosed plans to restore some or all of their output cuts In North Dakota state energy officials this week reduced by 7% an estimate of production shut-ins in the second-largest oil producing state Production coming back online is a fraction of what has been

Although shale-oil plays with oil stored in open-fractured shale have been pursued for more than 100 yr organic-rich and low-permeability shales and hybrid shale-oil systems are now being pursued based on knowledge and technologies gained from production of shale-gas resource systems and likely hold the largest untapped oil resource potential

The parameters in the formula of the efficiency of oil shale utilisation Unit utilising oil shale k l % MJ/kg Circulating fluidized bed boiler 98 3 34 5 Boiler TP17 (pulverised oil shale) 92 2 81 2 SHC retort (not measured) 85-90 80-100 LOS retort 85 3 118 Unit utilising oil shale [Q sub min] Data from MJ/kg reference Circulating fluidized bed boiler 0 35 [13] Boiler TP17 (pulverised oil

The estimates of technically recoverable shale oil and shale gas resources summarized in Tables 1 and 2 and presented in country-level detail in Tables 3 and 4 represent risked resources for the formations reviewed These estimates are uncertain given the relatively sparse data that currently exist The

01 05 2020World Shale Resource Assessments Last updated September 24 2015 This series of reports provides an initial assessment of world shale oil and shale gas resources The first edition was released in 2011 and updates are released on an on-going basis

Oil shale - Oil shale - Organic content The organic matter contained in oil shale is principally kerogen a solid product of bacterially altered plant and animal remains that is not soluble in traditional petroleum solvents Kerogen is the source of virtually all crude oil The richest oil shale ranges from brown to black in colour Rich oil shale has low density and is flammable burning

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